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Welcome to my new site!

If you have come here from Sew Over It, thank you for stopping by and nice to see you again!

This site is something I have wanted to do for a couple of years. It all started when my home was featured in a few interior magazines. From there, I got asked to do more home and DIY focused posts, but Sew Over It never felt like the right place for that kind of thing. So, I decided to create a site where I could put all the other ideas and things I get up to. I love sewing, and it is a big passion of mine, but making things and being creative is something I have done for even longer. I love DIY and home-making, and I love to travel.

Now I have a place where I can share all of that with you. I can also talk more about what inspires me when I design my handmade wardrobe, and also share with you how I do my make-up or hair.

I hope you will find it interesting, and will enjoy finding out a bit more about me. This is the exciting start to a new journey!

4 Comments on “Welcome!”

  1. Looking forward to reading your posts. I think your style and taste in clothing is great. Hope everything is going well for you during your pregnancy.

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