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Lisa Comfort - style and fashion

In this section of Lisa Comfort, you will find me posting about fashion, beauty, and hair.

Those of you who have followed me over from Sew Over It will know that it is my mission to live in a mainly handmade wardrobe. I post my monthly makes and DIY projects on the Sew Over It YouTube Channel. On here, I will talk more about what inspires me, my style icons and round-ups of my recent favourite makes. You may also find the odd shopping page for accessories and shoes to go with those handmade outfit.

Another obsession of mine that you might not know about is: make-up. I recently described make-up as one of my hobbies and the person I was talking to looked alarmed. Am I allowed to have make-up as a hobby?! Over the years I have picked up lots of tricks and techniques – from YouTube gurus and make-up artists in person to my mum!

When I was a student in London, I had a job with a high-end catering and events company who used to glam us up and send us around celebrity parties in tottering heels and precariously placed canapés on trays, but the best bit was that they had makeup and hair artists get us ready. So each week I would learn a new trick or find out about a new product. I loved it! My desire to learn more techniques and try out new products has never waned, so expect to see tutorials and favourite product posts here.

And finally, hair… I love trying out new hairstyles. I have toyed with short hair over the years only to get frustrated that there was only one style to wear it each day. So, for the foreseeable future I will be a long haired lady, ever searching for the perfect vintage up-do or the best curling irons on the market. Follow my journey here.

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