My Clapton Guide

Some of you may know that I live in Hackney. It is my favourite area of London, full of creative people and independent businesses. There are lots of little pockets of Hackney with slightly different vibes to the next. Here I am talking about Clapton and my favourite places in this particular pocket of Hackney.

Here is a list of my go-to spots in Clapton…

Clapton Hart

There are lots of great pubs in Hackney – that is something it does well. The Clapton Hart is a particularly beautiful building. What I love most about it, is the big open rooms inside. It has a great feeling of space. It also does a good quiz on a Tuesday night!

Sodo Pizza Café

This place boasts some of the best pizza in East London. Similar to the now chain (depressingly so) Franca Manca, the pizza base is made with sour dough. They are delicious. The space itself is unassuming and paired down but don’t be put off, the pizza is great!

Chatsworth Road market

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is head down to Chatsworth Road market. It is on from 12-4pm. There are some amazing food stalls and other little treasures. I always pick up a Deenies sandwich – the Hammish is the best. Don’t forget to also check out the amazing independent shops along the way.

Canal Walk

If the weather is nice then walking along the canal from Hackney Marshes all the way up to Victoria Park is such a great way to discover a part of London you never knew existed. There are loads of colourful house boats along the way. I like to pick a favourite and imagine it was mine! There is also a certain peace and quiet which is hard to find in London.

Rooms of Clapton

This is a great gem of a find. Here you will find some amazing pieces of second hand furniture and one of a kind trinkets. The owner sometimes upcycles the pieces or just leaves them in their original glory. I have found some great things for our flat here.

Thanks to Anna Higgie for this amazing map illustration.

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  1. I was born in Hackney and spent my first 3 years there. My father always missed it. It has the reputation of being one of the most deprived boroughs in London but many people still love it. Your baby may be born in the same hospital as I was, The Royal London Hospital, or the London Hospital as it was in my time. She or he would be a true Cockney! My Cockney heritage is well hidden having been away for 45 years and having an Irish mum. Looking forward to learning more about today’s Hackney. ?

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