Monthly Round-Up: January 2017

Lisa Comfort

I love the idea of doing this. It will be great to look back on and it is fun to write. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Sewing – lots of maternity hacks. You can see them here in my Second Trimester round-up.

– our new bedroom nice. I have been putting the finishing touches in place. Will show it to you soon.

Cooking – more than usual. I’m not the chef in this house but had lots of friends over recently and made an effort.

– boring squash, water and decaf tea!

Enjoying – my weekly pregnancy yoga classes – they are a highlight each week.

Hoping – I continue to feel as good as I do now for the rest of the pregnancy.

Loving – flowers – more than ever. I feel like these are going to be the things that get me through these darker months. So I am spending a bit more money on them each week and they lift my mood.

Hating – the dark mornings.

Buying – a few bits for the nursery now. Feel a bit nervous buying things too soon but for stuff that I know I definitely will need and if it is discounted then I have bought it!

Watching – Jackie, Lion and La La Land. I would recommend the latter. Jackie was a bit of a monologue – and her voice gets annoying. Lion is great when filmed in India but a bit drawn out in Australia. Erm also, when did Dev Patel get muscles??!

Sporting – my pastel coats. I have three favourite coats that I am alternating between and mixing up with my pastel scarves. Pink from Almost Famous (bought a few years ago), my Sew Over It 1960s Coat in mint green and my new New Look maternity grey coat.

Laughing – at Poppy. She has been in a funny mood recently and naughty with it. I can’t help but laugh. She ran off with my bra the other night when I was in the bath and as it is now quite an ample sized bra, she kept tripping up over it!

Admiring – Matt – he has had some great articles out already this year.

Thinking – non-stop. Can someone please switch my brain off.

Decorating – the nursery. Starting to finalise my ideas on how I want it to look.

Changing – my approach to work and trying to work shorter days.

Realising – I can’t be as active as normal and that’s OK. It’s hard though as I am a doer!

Planning – our trip to Scotland – taking a week off in February to go explore Edinburgh and beyond!

Doing – more swimming – trying to keep fit.

Needing – more food. Feels like I am growing a rugby team in there, not a baby.

Yearning – for chocolate and sweet things. All the time. Went to buy some dried fruit last night so not always reaching for the biccies!

This post was inspired by Meet Me at Mike’s “Taking Stock” posts.

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