DIY Marble Tray

Lisa Comfort - DIY Marble Tray

The marble and copper trend has got me! I am addicted and have been adding new pieces to our bedroom every month. This marble trinket tray goes beautifully on my dressing table.

The tray is made from a gorgeous marble tile as the base and then handles that are spray painted in metallic copper for a modern finish. It really is a super quick project and makes a lovely gift.

You will need:

– Carrara 7mm tile, £2.99, Topps Tiles
– 2 x Pewter effect bow furniture handle, £3.98 each, B&Q
– – Copper spray paint
– Gorilla Superglue
– 4 x self-adhesive felt pads, £1.54 for a pack of eight, B&Q
– Ruler

Lisa Comfort - DIY Marble Tray Post

Working outside on a dust sheet or newspaper, spray the handles with copper spray paint. Hold the can approximately 20-30cm away from the surface to ensure even coverage and avoid drips forming. Leave the paint to dry thoroughly before turning the handles over and repeating on the underside.

Lisa Comfort - DIY Marble Tray Post

Once the handles are completely dry, use a ruler to measure where they will sit on the tile. These were approximately 1.5cm in from the edge and 2cm from the top and bottom. You can use a marker pen to dot the area if needed. Apply a small dab of superglue to the two flat sides of each handle and place onto the tile where desired. Take care to place it down firmly and not to let it slide on the tile.

Lisa Comfort - DIY Marble Tray Post

Leave the glue to dry thoroughly for an hour or so, before flipping over the tile and sticking a self-adhesive felt pad on each corner of the tile. This will act as cushioning for the tray so it won’t mark any surfaces.

Thank you to Cassie Pryce for working with me on this project.

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