Monthly Round-Up: February 2017

Monthly Round-Up: February 2017

February is usually my least favourite month of the year. So grey and dismal. But this year I have found it not so painful. I guess it’s because we went away and I am also so excited about the baby coming. That said, I am glad March is here!

Sewing – a mixture of maternity hacks and clothes that I could alter back afterwards.

Making – a crochet bunny from Toft’s Edward’s Menagerie! Slowly but surely and loving that crochet has replaced ‘instagram scrolling’ in the evenings.

Cooking – very little. Been out for dinner more this month which has been a treat and Matt has gone back to cooking more which is better for us both!

Drinking – mocktails! Been enjoying some nice interesting drinks when I have been out. So nice to try something different.

Hoping – that our baby will be happy and healthy (and not come too late!)

Loving – pink. I have found myself more and more attracted to pink recently. Do you think that means I am having a girl?!

Hating – London traffic. As I find trekking round London more and more tiring I have been driving a little more than usual and hate the traffic. Public transport is definitely the better of two evils in London.

Buying –more baby stuff! We now have some lovely clothes (not too many) and cot, car seat, buggy, breast-pump, bottle steriliser, changing mat and co-sleeper. Just a few small bits left!

Watching – Homeland and Billions. Homeland isn’t as good as it used to be but it is still worth watching. Gave Billions another go and got into it this time. Been sewing to it recently!

Sporting – lots of pink! Whether it’s my pink Chloe Coat, pink Molly top or pink dresses – there’s a lot of pink in my wardrobe right now.

Laughing – at Matt. We laughed a lot on our trip to Scotland. Had quite bad mood swings before I went but they seem to have passed and I feel a lot lighter and happier now.

Admiring –the Sew Over It team. They have been working so hard recently and doing some great things. Makes me feel so much better about taking time out from the business.

Thinking – about baby names. We have a girls name we like but not a boys name yet – it’s so hard!

Decorating – my desk. Feels a bit random as I will soon not be using it but want to get it all nice and ready before the baby comes so it is ready for me when I need it after I go back. Must be early nesting!

Changing – my shoes – I have actually bought trainers now.

Realising – I do have to slow down now – didn’t realise it hard enough last month!

Planning – birth plan, hospital bag, Sew Over It schedules, schedules. There is a LOT of planning happening in my brain right now.

Doing – lots of antenatal classes.

Needing – regular massages and foot rubs. Body is aching.

Yearning – for cereal. Waking up in the night and getting up to have a bowl!

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