DIY Gem Necklace


Necklaces and earrings are my two favourite pieces of jewellery. At the moment I am loving delicate necklaces. This necklace is so pretty and you can choose your favourite colour stone to make it individual to you. I’m all about the turquoise and blue at the moment so loving these stones. It is another easy make so give it a go!

You will need:
2 lengths of fine chain 19cm long
0.4mm beading wire approx 10cm long
Aqua briolette bead or Royal blue briolette bead
2 x 5mm jump-ring
2 x 7mm jump-ring
1 x 6mm bolt ring
Cotton tassel

Step 1. Take the wire and wrap around the round nose pliers – you want to be fairly close to the top to create a small loop and make sure you keep one end of the wire long. The ends of the wire should cross at right angles, it makes the next step much easier!

Step 2. Thread one length of chain onto the loop. Using chain nose pliers hold the eye of the loop between the points and then wrap the short end of the wire around the long length of wire a few times, cut off the excess wire on the short end.

Step 3. Thread on your stone and then repeat steps 1 and 2 to finish, attaching the stone to the chain.

Step 4. Add your findings to the end of the chain. Attach a 7mm jump-ring to one end of chain using a 5mm jump-ring and attach a bolt ring to the other using a 5mm jump-ring. To open the jump ring take each side of the opening between a pair of pliers and gently twist away from you, add the finding and close by twisting towards you.

Step 5. The joy of handmaking jewellery is adding unusual details like these little tassels. Trim the cotton tassel down to 1.8cm, open a 7mm jump-ring and then thread the tassel onto the jump-ring. Fix the jump-ring between the bolt ring and the chain.

For this project I was lucky enough to work again with Charlotte from Lotts & Lots. She makes beautiful jewellery which you can check out on her site.

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