DIY Paper Covered Boxes

Lisa Comfort - box file DIY

Now if you don’t know me yet, I like to make things pretty. And even the most boring of objects. If things looks pretty around me, I am happier. Simple!
We covered boxes but you could cover box files in the same way and make your desk look coordinated and colourful. A little tip, try to choose papers that are thicker than regular gift wrap if possible, as this creases easily so can be harder to work with.

You will need:

Small kraft box £2.50, Paperchase


Pencil & ruler

Pritt Stick (small size)

Pretty papers at least A3 in size (avoid thin gift wrap as this creases easily)

Step 1. Lay your paper on a flat surface, right side facing down, and place the box in the centre (remove the lid). Draw around the edges of your box to leave a square. Calculate how much paper is needed around the box to cover each side and fold 1cm inside the box at the top. Cut this larger square out and draw a diagonal line from each small corner to the outer corner. Cut these diagonal lines and on two opposite sides, cut away the corners so the cuts line up with the sides of the box.

Lisa Comfort - box file DIYLisa Comfort - box file DIY

Step 2. Apply Pritt Stick to the base of the box and stick it into the central square you first drew on the paper. Push down firmly to ensure it is stuck down well. Working on one side with the longer flaps of paper, apply the glue to the inside of the box to cover about 1cm down and along half the edges next to it. Pull the paper up and fold it over the top to stick in place, smoothing out any creases as you go. Fold the corners like a present and stick the flaps to the two adjoining inside edges. Repeat with the opposite side.

Lisa Comfort - box file DIY

Step 3. Apply Pritt Stick 1cm down into the remaining inside edges and along both adjoining edges (go over the flaps of paper that are stuck there). Pull the rectangular flap of paper up and over the top, sticking in place inside the box. You can add a few small dabs of glue to the outside edges to help create a smooth finish along the sides if needed. Repeat all three steps with the lid of the box.

Lisa Comfort - box file DIY

Thanks to Cassie Pryce for working with me on this project.

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