Bathroom Closeups

Lisa Comfort - bathroom closeups

I did a tour of our downstairs bathroom and thought you might want to see some close-ups and hear where I bought things from!
If you want to see the tour you can check it out here:

If you haven’t seen my video on how to stencil the door, you can check that out here

The little birds hanging off the doorknob were a wedding present from the Sew Over It girls. I love them and have them on lots of doors.

We painted the side of the bath charcoal grey. The colour was just a dulux colour – nothing fancy. It is satin finish so it is a bit more wipeable than eggshell. If you want more info on what paints to use for what projects I did a post on it here.

The little set of 3 vases and the candle holder I got from Max and Melia – it is a lovely gift shop in Oval. I bought them a while a go so don’t think they will still have them but they do have an online shop

The bath mat is from Ikea – it feels lovely under your feet!

The floor tiles were from Topps tiles. They are called the Henley Ice Tiles. They are really big – you get 4 in one tile so they are really easy and quick to lay. Not that I am saying I did the tiling!

I bought this shelf recently. It is from Amara. I was looking for something to go with the vase and candle holder so I was chuffed when I found it.

This bathroom is our guest bathroom – we use the ensuite upstairs mainly. So I wanted to have shelf with lots of things for guest to use. The grey metal pots and wire tray are all from H&M home as is the little glass container and candles. I always have shampoos, shower gels, face wipes, toothpaste etc here so that there is everything they need. I also have some of my favourite body and face creams that I got on our honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

You can only just glimpse it here but the door is painted the same grey as the bath on the inside instead of yellow. Not sure if that was the right decision yet but living with it for a bit!

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