Monthly Round-Up: March 2017

Lisa Comfort - monthly roundup march 2017

Food has played an important role this month – especially cereal. I am obsessed with it and have been waking up at 2am and sneaking downstairs for a bowl!

Sewing – my nursing top that I think I can wear before as well. This is a pattern we are going to release – but it will be in a while as no time yet to get instructions together!

Making – amazing vegan/healthy snacks from the app Hippy Lane. Current favourites are Twix bars

Cooking – Lots of pasta dishes. Simple dishes with veg and a bit of bacon or a bit of sausage and my favourite – spag bol of course!

Drinking – More water – constantly thirsty at the moment! And therefore constantly spending a penny!

Hoping – That I will get everything finished in time. I now have one week left – ideally – to get all my videos filmed and loose ends tied up before I go on full maternity leave

Loving –Food! Thinking about it all the time. It is so funny as I never really used to. I would be one of those people who would happily forget about lunch – not any more!!

Hating – sitting down. It hurts my back a lot so can’t last long at a desk or in the shops. I need to have meetings standing up now!

Buying – lots of candles. Loving scented candles at the moment. I guess I am gearing towards making our home the most relaxing place ever for pre and post birth.

Watching – The Good Fight – sequel to the Good Wife. If it turns out to be half as good as the Good Wife, I will be happy!

Sporting – Stretchy clothes. Struggling to wear just handmade at the moment as all I want to do is wear stretchy leggings and t-shirts. Keep my red lips on just so I feel there is a bit of glamour left.

– And watching my belly jiggle – it’s hilarious how it moves when I giggle

Admiring – Working mums who are managing to do both jobs so well. I have a friend who has just gone back to work and she is smashing it.

Thinking – About what to plant on our roof terrace once the bedding plants come into season. Hoping I will get to plant them before the baby comes!

Decorating – nothing – everything is done now which is pretty nice as I am a bit sick of painting now.

– my shoes – back from stupid trainers. I twisted my ankle in those damn trainers! So I am reverting back to my normal boots.

– How ready the team at Sew Over It are to take over. I am so lucky. I have total confidence in them.

Planning – so much and it all seems to happen at 2/3am. Where is that brain switch??

– Less and less. Early nights and less trekking out and about. Enjoying being at home more and more.

– baths every night. They relax me and allow me to reflect on the day.

Yearning – Cereal and cereal and more cereal. Guess this is a craving!

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