DIY Copper Pipe Jewellery Stand Tutorial

Lisa Comfort - Copper Pipe Jewellery Stand

Today I’m mixing two of my passions, jewellery and DIY, and showing you how to make this amazing stand from copper piping for your dressing table.

The mix of copper and marble, both quite industrial-looking materials, along with my delicate jewellery makes a really interesting pairing on my dressing table. It’s super on-trend and more importantly, super easy to make.

You will need:
15mm copper pipe (2m length), £5.84, B&Q
Copper pipe cutter, £18, B&Q
4 x 15mm copper stop ends, £2.90 for two, B&Q
2 x 15mm copper equal tees, £1.02 each, B&Q
Ruler and pencil
Gorilla super glue, £4 for two, B&Q
A small tile for the base (at least 10cm x 10cm)
Small self-adhesive felt pads

Step 1. Measure and mark the centre point of the tile with a pencil. Using a small dab of the Gorilla super glue, fix one of the copper stop ends to the tile, with the flat surface against the tile. Hold in place for a minute or so to secure the position and then leave to dry.

Step 2. Using the copper pipe cutter, cut the piping into five pieces, one measuring 10cm, two measuring 6cm, and two measuring 5cm.

Make sure you line up the mark you want to cut with the blade inside the cutter for an accurate line. Twist the cutter hard in the direction indicated on the side of the tool.

Step 3. Put a small dab of Gorilla super glue around the inside rims of each of the stop ends and tees and slot the pieces together as explained below. Hold each one for a minute or so as you go to make sure they are set firmly before moving onto the next.

Assemble the ‘tree’ using the 10cm length to form the base of the trunk. Attach a tee join to the top of this piece with the ‘branch’ extending out horizontally to the right.

Attach one of the 5cm lengths to the branch, and seal the end with a stopper. Extend the trunk vertically by attaching the second 5cm piece to the open end of the tee.

At the top of this, attach the second tee so that two branches are horizontal. Attach the two 6cm lengths to either side of the tee, and finish them both with stops.

Step 4. Once you have your stand constructed, dab a more generous amount of super glue into the stop end fixed to the tile and secure your stand in place, holding whilst it sets for a few minutes. Wait for the glue to dry completely before applying four of the self-adhesive felt pads to the base of the tile for protection.

For this project I was lucky enough to work again with Cassie Pryce.

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