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Marilyn Monroe Style Icon ::

A couple of months ago I shared with you my love for Audrey Hepburn’s timeless style. Inspired by her flawless wardrobe, nipped-in waists, capri pants and Breton stripes are all a major part of my own look now. But today I have a new idol in the spotlight, the enchanting Marilyn Monroe. Out of everyone, it’s Marilyn who has to be my sexy/sassy icon. She had lashings of sass and was gorgeously glamourous. Imitating her style is never quite going to marry with my lifestyle, nor am I bold enough to wear some of the things she did, but I love it all the same.

Marilyn Monroe Style Icon ::
Marilyn Monroe exemplifies 1950’s style for me. Typical of the time, she almost always wore a cinched-in waist, magnifying that captivating femininity she had. It’s a silhouette I love and something I instinctively keep in mind when I’m designing patterns for Sew Over It.

She loved a popped collar, as do I. It gives a simple shirt that little bit of edge.

Exaggerated v-necklines were one of her signature looks, and worked to really accentuate those hourglass curves. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to bare so much, but I think a v-neck is so flattering at drawing the eye down to the waist.

I love her curls and a little secret of mine is that I’ve always wanted to try out her hairstyle. Maybe one day I will have the courage to cut mine like hers.

Ever alluring, Marilyn often wore a red lip. I think it always looks that bit sexier on a blonde – maybe that’s because she made it sexy, and therefore when I see a blonde woman with red lips it reminds me of her.

Marilyn Monroe Style Icon ::
One thing I realised whilst putting this post together is that it’s so rare to see her wearing patterns. She always wore plain fabrics. That is where she and I differ – I love a bit of pattern! But I think the simplicity of plain clothes is what made her outfits so elegant and timeless in some cases.

It’s not all bombshell dresses. Anyone wanting to recreate Marilyn’s everyday style needs a good pair of capri pants in their wardrobe. Make your own with the Ultimate Trousers pattern. I can totally see her in a pair of Ultimates with a simple Ella Blouse for that ultra-feminine chic she showed off so well. And if you do want to go for her classic million-dollar look, the Elsie Dress with its gentle v-neck and nipped in waist has to be your go-to.

Marilyn Monroe Style Icon ::

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