My Victoria Park Guide

My Victoria Park Guide ::

Victoria Park is one of east London’s biggest and loveliest parks, right on the southern edge of Hackney. With a beautiful lake, nice big boulevard-style paths and even a pagoda, it’s one of my favourite places to take a stroll on a weekend. The surrounding area is understandably known locally as Victoria Park Village, and it does have those village vibes rarely found in the capital. Thanks to its gorgeous big townhouses and lots of independent cafes and delis it’s somewhere I love to wander to.

Following on from my East London Guides series (see my top spots in Clapton and London Fields), I wanted to take you on a saunter around Victoria Park and the village too, as it’s such an idyll on the outskirts of the east end.

When I’m in Victoria Park Village I always make a stop at Loafing. It’s on the Victoria Park Road/Lauriston Road roundabout and it’s my favourite cafe in the area. They have the most delicious selection of sandwiches and focaccia, and the yummiest cake.

Victoria Park Village is a really mum-friendly part of London. Nursing out and about can sometimes be a bit awkward but even sitting outside at Loafing, feeding Jasmine was fine!

The Lauriston
Across the road from Loafing is the Lauriston pub. If you’re in the mood for something more than a sandwich I really recommend heading there. Their menu is based around pizza which is always a good thing in my book, but they also do other Italian classics like bruschetta and antipasti sharing boards. All my favourites basically!

The Deli Downstairs
This is the cutest-looking little deli! It’s a family-run business and a great place to stock up on cheese!

The red and green decor on the outside reminds me of Italy.

Victoria Park
After indulging at one of Victoria Park Village’s many eateries it’s only a short walk to the park itself. It’s split up into two sections by a road which runs through the middle, and I usually opt for the west side which borders Regent’s Canal. (The east side is a lot bigger and often plays host to festivals in the summer.) On the west side there’s a beautiful big lake with lots of wildlife, the Chinese pagoda and the Pavilion cafe – which is a lovely place to stop for a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

There’s always so much going on in the park and it feels lively and loved. There will be people having picnics, boating on the lake and feeding the ducks, skateboarding, roller skating and even roller skiing! My top tip for summer is the ice-cream man at the Bonner Gate entrance. He has the best flavours and is so kind he usually gives you some extra toppings on your 99!

Regent’s Canal
Regent’s Canal runs along the southern edge of the park and it is a lovely place for a walk. If I fancy a stroll I’ll walk from London Fields to Victoria Park on a Saturday after sampling the delights of Broadway Market.

It was a bit drizzly on the day we went but a walk along the towpath is always so pretty. Particularly with Jasmine and Poppy, I love that you’re not alongside a road and cars – boats are so much better! It is my dream to have a river boat one day and spend weekends exploring the canals, with Poppy basking in the sun on the roof!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Victoria Park, with the leaves changing and everyone wrapped up. I’m looking forward to taking Jasmine and Poppy there lots this season.

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