Monthly Round-Up: October 2017

October 2017

October marked my return to work – and the return of my monthly round-ups! It’s been a really busy time but I’m loving being back in the office and getting straight back into the swing of things. There are so many exciting projects on the go – I can’t wait to share them with you!

Sewing – lots of separates. That is what my wardrobe needs at the moment

Making – a mess feeding Jasmine. She is exploring the wonderful world of food and as a tidy freak the mess she makes is hard for me to cope with!

Cooking – for Jasmine from Annabel Karmel’s cookbook, Quick and Easy Weaning

Drinking – wine! I am breastfeeding Jasmine less now so loving a glass of wine after the evening feed 🙂

Hoping – that the new Sew Over It Islington shop fit will go smoothly

Loving – helping design the new shop. It is such a creative job and a problem solving one too!

Hating – teenagers setting fireworks off in the parks around us. One it is dangerous and two it is noisy. I feel like a miserable old woman for saying that but come on!

Buying – little at the moment. We have just updated our kitchen so all the pennies went on that!

Watching – Narcos and Stranger Things on Netflix. Both are excellent but I’m in need of some light-heartedness now!

Sporting – high-waisted clothes again and enjoying that silhouette I’d missed so much

Laughing – at Jasmine. She is at such a gorgeous age, blowing raspberries constantly!

Admiring – my mum. She has been amazing to me these past few months

Thinking – about Brexit negotiations. I worry a lot about how it will affect the country and our business

Decorating – our kitchen. Not sure how long we will last in our flat so we haven’t done a big job, but we retiled and added new worktops and it looks a lot better!

Realising – I can work and have a small baby – it takes serious organisation but it is possible!

Planning – Christmas. We will be at home in London for our first Christmas as a family of three – yay!

Doing – a lot. Probably too much but whatcha gonna do! Sometimes you just have to

Needing – my evening baths. They are how I wind down each day

Yearning – for endless cups of tea!

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