Introducing My Brand New Magazine!

Lisa Comfort Magazine

Lisa Comfort magazine is my brand new quarterly for those who love to make, travel and explore their creativity – just like me!

Designed as an extension of my website, I’ve packed it full of all my favourite things. Think crafty DIYs, make-up how-tos, dressmaking hacks, chats with inspiring women and my top London hang-outs. Plus there’s an exclusive Sew Over It pattern in every issue!

Lisa Comfort magazine issue 1 features a gorgeous Christmas DIY, make-up tutorials to get you in the party spirit, my chat with textile designer Zeena Shah, and the highly sought-after Cocoon Coat pattern – plus lots more!

Lisa Comfort Magazine for people who love sewing and DIY - Cocoon Coat

I love the Ultimate Shift Dress hack that’s included. It’s perfect for taking an everyday dress to glam new heights.

Lisa Comfort Magazine for people who love sewing and DIY - Ultimate Shift Dress hack

Lisa Comfort magazine comes in both printed and PDF formats, so whether you like to cosy up on the sofa with your favourite cup of tea and something physical to hold, or enrich your commute with the digital phone and tablet-friendly version, I’ve got you covered.

I’m so so happy with the finished magazine and want to thank everyone who’s worked on it with me, especially my wonderful editor Lara Watson and my fabulous branding consultant Katherine Raderecht. It was such a fun project to work on with you two!

Find your copy of Lisa Comfort magazine on my brand new online shop!

I’d love to see your snaps, so don’t forget to share them on Instagram with #lisacomfortmag.


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  1. I am a brand new subscriber to your web site. I am so disappointed that your new magazine is sold out. Will it be available again. Thank you

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