December 2017: Monthly Round-up

Lisa Comfort round up

It’s been a couple of months since I have done a round-up but the new year seems like a good time to do. I feel full with positivity for what 2018 may bring so I hope that I can pass those positive vibes on to you!

Sewing – a lot! I have my mojo back and have worked out the best way to fit it in with Jasmine. Rather than giving myself the target of doing a whole dress in an evening, I do an hour or so a night and enjoy it without getting tired. I also have left my machine and overlocker out and set up in the spare room which makes a massive difference.

Making – not much really. As I am sewing, that is taking the creative time I have.

Cooking – trying to cook one nice meal for Matt and I each week. He is the cook in our house but I think he appreciates a night off even if it is a bit burnt!

Drinking – Fennel tea – I love it.

Hoping – that 2018 will be the great year I think it is going to be. I have lots of exciting plans and I just hope that they will all come into fruition.

Loving – being back at work and not feeling overwhelmed by too much. The end of last year was awful. I was in a constant state of stress whilst the new shop was being sorted and ended up getting eczema for the first time 🙁

Hating – nothing at the moment. Not hate, just love.

Buying – after Christmas it is always a bit of tight month but I will be buying my own shellac/gel nail equipment. Mollie at work does it herself at home so she has sent me the links to everything so I can buy them. Excited to be able to do it at home whenever I want and to save some pennies.

Watching – Bloodline. Not got into yet. Just finished Sinner which was the opposite – couldn’t stop watching it!

Sporting – boots – everything I wear at the moment has to go with boots. Too cold for shoes

Laughing – a lot, at least when I have slept well!

Admiring – Matt’s mum. She is finishing yet another novel. She’s a writing machine!

Thinking – about moving home. We love our flat and don’t ever want to move but it’s not very practical with Jasmine and that roof terrace scares me now! For now we are just thinking – need to galvanise myself if we are actually going to do it which at the moment I don’t think I have the energy for.

Decorating – the stairs – we painted them grey (so they are more practical) and are currently re-wallpapering the rises.

Realising – life is much better when you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much!

Planning – a week off at the end of Jan. We are going to stay in London but hoping to do fun day trips like going to Bletchley Park.

Needing – me time. After 8 months of mainly Jasmine and work, I have started to crave a bit of alone time. Went to the cinema last night on my own which was a big success. Hoping to do that a bit more.

Yearning – for lighter days. Until then I am going to stay by our wood burner and light all the candles!

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