Book Review: Flowerbomb by Hannah Read-Baldrey

Lisa Comfort - Book Review Flowerbomb

This is the beautiful new book, Flowerbomb! by Hannah Read-Baldrey. As you know, I love me some flowers so this book feels like it was written for me. Flowers + DIY = perfect book!

Look at all these fabulous projects. There are 25 of them. They say that when you are choosing a recipe book or a project-related book you need to like 3-4 projects in order to buy it. Well, I think over half of these projects interest me! There is great variety. From baking, to sewing, to painting and other crafts. Hannah really shows off her creative skills in this book. Here are some of my favourites….

I used to collect teapots. I love me a teapot! And so this project particularly spoke to me. I love the design – it isn’t too tricky to copy and yet looks so good! Great colour combo too.

Now this one is probably my favourite and the one I most want to do now. I am definitely going to buy a flower press and get started by pressing some flowers. Bring on spring!

This project looks so pretty and for me would be the most challenging I think but I would love to make someone a birthday cake like this. But it would be so hard to eat – wouldn’t want to ruin it.

Hannah’s book is available to buy now. You can order it on Amazon, or alternatively check it out at your local book shop.

We also have one copy to giveaway – so if you would like to get your hands on it, just comment on my Instagram post as to why you love flowers and tag a friend who you think would like this book too!

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