DIY: Tokaree planters

Tokaree baskets planter tutorial

As most of you know, I run a little basket business called Tokaree with my parents. My flat is full of them, they really are so practical (kindling basket, recycling basket, toy basket, bath toy basket… the list goes on!)

We have had quite a few comments on how great they would be as planters, so I thought I would do a little tutorial on how to convert them – it is so simple. With Mother’s Day round the corner, this really would be a lovely gift.

All you need is some pliers/secateur, a potato bag, compost and some plants!

First, fold the potato bag over so that it is shallower than the basket. You can cut it down if you want, but keep some extra to fold over as this gives the top of the bag some structure so that it holds its shape better in the basket.

Next pop the compost in the bag and then fill it up with plants. Make sure they’re pressed in nice and firmly. Then drop the bag into the basket and top up the soil carefully.

Finally, cut off the front handle of the basket. This is optional but I feel like it gives the planter a nicer finish.

Voila! You have a planter. As the baskets are made out of recycled cargo tape, they can stay outside. A great little gift for your mum or for you!

To browse the baskets and pick your favourite, head to the Tokaree online shop.

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