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Lisa Comfort Fabrics

Guys I am so excited to see my fabrics finally be released into the wild. It has been such a long process so to be finally at the finish line feels good.

I designed these with the talented Anna Higgie (who I have worked with on our Sew Over It packaging) and I am so happy with how they turned out.

Let me introduce you to the range…

Lisa Comfort Fabrics

This is Busy Blossom. This is Busy Blossom. It comes in navy, mint and lilac. The print reminds me of spring blossom. I like how the print gives a little nod to vintage yet still has a contemporary feel to it. 

Lisa Comfort Fabrics

This is All the Roses. Like all my designs, it started with a simple watercolour painting of my favourite flowers. This particular print reminds me of a dress I once had from the 50s. It looks amazing made up as a Betty Dress or a Full Circle Skirt. All the prints are non-directional so you don’t need to worry about things being upside down!

Lisa Comfort Fabrics

And this Elderflower Press! When I look at this print I can see the blossom failing from the bush. I love the coral pink – such a gorgeous colour.

And they make up so beautifully! They are 100% soft cotton lawn, with a lovely drape to them. They are 138cm wide and the prints are non-directional which makes them perfect for dressmaking.

But that isn’t all…. I managed to keep the second part of the launch a secret (which was so hard). I also designed a range of ready to wear cardigans to go with the fabric collection. Tired of never being able to find the perfect cardigan that was cropped at the waist so it complimented the 50s and 60s style dresses I love, I decided to just go ahead and design my own cardigan! And here it is…

The range includes four gorgeous colours: Coral, Blush Pink, Mint and Navy, and they match my fabrics beautifully. Each cardi is available in sizes XS-XL (covering UK sizes 6-20).

They go perfectly over most of the Sew Over It dresses or look fab with high waisted skirts or trousers.

To get a closer look at my cardigans, check out my the video on my YouTube Channel

I cannot wait to see all of your outfit combos out there. Don’t forget to use these hashtags so we can all see them: #LisaComfortFabrics #LisaComfortCardis

Everything is now available to buy over on my shop now!

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