DIY Easter Table Decoration

Lisa Comfort Easter Table DIY

I am really pleased to invite the lovely Steph from Rabbit and the Rose back to show us how to make this gorgeous table decoration for Easter. I just loooove the colours. Over to you Steph….

Celebrate spring with this beautiful table centre. Quick to rustle up in just five easy steps. Whether for your Easter table for Sunday lunch with family or dinner party with friends. Add some colour and fragrance to your home with spring flowers like sweet hyacinth and bold tulips, bringing some sunshine on these chilly days. The moss and quail eggs give a sweet whimsical feel like a spring nest bursting into life with blooms as the season changes.

You will need
– Your favourite bowl. We’ve used a ceramic bowl from TKMaxx, a lovely duck egg colour with little rabbits on – perfect for spring! Salad bowl size is great but any size works, you could even make several different sizes as a collection for a full table display or dotted around your home.

-A bunch of spring flowers. You might find you have some spring bulbs flowering in your own garden at the moment such as daffodils, hyacinth, tulips and crocuses. For this arrangement we’ve used a mix of tulips, hyacinth, ranunculus and birch twigs. All available from your local florist. Go bright and colourful or keep it simple and chic with just whites. We’ve gone for pretty pastels.

– Pot tape. We’ve used 9mm pot tape, it is waterproof so ideal for this project. Available from florists, garden Centres, craft shops and online. Alternatively, you could use sellotape but be careful not to get it too wet as it will lose it’s stick!

– Moss. For this sized bowl you’ll need a couple of handfuls; we’ve used a fresh variety called Platmos but sphagnum or dried moss would also work well. Available from florist’s, garden centres, craft shops and online.
– Scissors.

– Egg decorations. We’ve used Quail eggshells but any little decorative eggs would be lovely for that extra spring touch!

Begin by sticking the end of the tape to the lip of the bowl overlapping the edge by about 0.5-1cm. Then tightly stretch the tape across to the other side of the bowl, again sticking it over the lip by about 0.5-1cm. Trim the tape and continue to cut strips of the tape securing them to the bowl parallel to each other, leaving a gap of about a fingers width/1cm in between.

Taping the bowl. Once there is no more room to stick the tape parallel across the bowl, turn the bowl 90 degrees and begin repeating step 1 creating a cross-hatch effect over the top of the bowl. Now pour in fresh cool water to about half way.

Now you can start trimming your flowers and adding them to the bowl. Trim the stems of your flowers to the desired length so they’re a little taller than the bowl. (If you cut the stem at an angle it will help them drink better!) You’ll find you’ll need the stems a little longer if they’re going in the middle of the bowl and slightly shorter towards the edge. Top tip –It’s better to cut a little bit at a time than chopping your flower stem too short to begin with!

Poke the stems between the tape, the tape will help the stems stand up. Don’t worry about the flowers being slightly different heights, this just adds to the natural look. We’ve kept them roughly the same length making sure the different varieties of flowers and colours are mixed up fairly evenly. The birch twigs were added last and were left a bit longer than the other stems, this gave it a nice height. Make sure you leave about an inch of bowl free around the edge for the next step.

Adding moss. Pull apart small sections of the moss and tuck them around the edge of the bowl, sitting on top of the tape which acts as a small ledge. Make sure the moss overflows a little hiding the edges of tape stuck to the lip of the bowl.

And finally the finishing touch? The moss creates the perfect ledge to nestle little decorative eggs. We’ve just tucked the eggs dotting them around on the moss but for extra security you could use a little glue – though be careful not to get any on the flowers!

And now place it on a table to admire!

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