Macramé Plant Hangers DIY

Lisa Comfort Macrame DIY

I might be a bit late to the macrame party but I am definitely a convert! I had a stab at it with our wonderful home DIY expert Cassie Pryce and absolutely loved it. It is so much simpler than you think and comes together really quickly. Plus this Wool & The Gang yarn is perfect for the project. Happy making!

You will need:
Jersey Be Good t-shirt yarn in Bubblegum Pink and Seafoam, £8.50 for 100m, Wool & The Gang

Wooden curtain rings
Fabric scissors
Tape measure
Plant pot (ours was 12cm diameter)

Measure and cut to size 8 x 1m lengths of t-shirt yarn in your chosen colour. Remember to use a sharp pair of fabric scissors to cut the yarn to stop the material from fraying.

Holding all eight pieces together in one hand, tie a large knot approximately 6 inches from one end. Pull each piece tightly to make sure the knot is secure.

Take your plant pot and face it top-down onto a flat surface. Place the large knot in the centre and separate the pieces into pairs.

Tie a knot between each pair around the edge of the base of the pot so you have four knots around the outside.

From each small knot, separate the pieces and join each of these with a piece from the next knot along, to create a sort of zigzag pattern of knots. Do this around all the pieces of yarn and repeat again with a third layer if you’re working with a larger plant pot.

Remove the pot and gather the tops of the yarn together and thread them through the wooden curtain ring. Tie them in a neat knot and pull each strand securely to make sure it’s tight.

Carefully place your plant pot into the base, where it will sit on top of the first large knot, with the smaller knots evenly spaced around the base and sides.

Hang and admire!

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