DIY Clay Trinket Dish

Lisa Comfort DIY Clay Trinket dish

I love how simple and effective this project is. As you all know I love me some jewellery and have this dishes out on my dressing table displaying my favourite pieces. This project is so easy it would be a good one to do with children.

You will need:
DAS white air-dry modelling clay, £4 for 1kg, Hobbycraft
(we used Swann Morton number 3 scalpel handle and blades set, £8, Hobbycraft)
Acrylic paints
(we used Art acrylic paint tube in pale pink and blush pink, £2 for 75ml, Hobbycraft)
Crochet cotton doilies (one size or various depending on the size of the dishes you want to make. Ours were from eBay)
Rolling pin
Bowl, the same size as the dish you want to make

Take a large handful of clay and lay it onto a clean, flat surface. Use the rolling pin to gently roll the clay into a circular shape, approximately 3-4mm in thickness. Remember to seal the clay packaging to stop the leftovers from drying out.

Lay a crocheted doily onto the surface of the circle and gently press it into the clay. Use the rolling pin to push it down firmly so that the pattern will be transferred.

Carefully use a scalpel to cut around the outside of the doily to leave a scalloped edge to the clay, following the shape of the doily as a guide. Remove the excess clay and discard. Use your finger to smooth out any bumps along the edges.

Carefully peel away the doily and leave to one side to be used again.

Line your bowl with a layer of clingfilm, making sure it’s pressed down into the centre and is folded over the sides. Gently lay your clay onto the clingfilm, pressing it down lightly to make a slightly dipped dish. Leave the clay to dry completely before removing from the bowl – this can take around 72hours (check instructions).

Once the clay has completely dried out, paint your trinket dish using acrylic paint in a shade of your choice. Leave to dry before applying a second coat if needed.

Thank you to Cassie Pryce for working with me on this project.

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