Boho Black Inspiration

Lisa Comfort - Boho Black Inspo

I thought it would be nice to share some of the inspiration behind my new fabric! I actually designed this colourway back when I did the rest of my collection. I wanted to do a one-off that was different from the others. Like many of us, I love wearing black. It is smart, chic and easy to pair with things, but it can also be too ‘black’ for me. I think it’s because I have dark hair and pale skin – it sometimes looks a bit too much. This fabric, with its splashes of colour, means that doesn’t happen! I love the vibrancy of the colours against the black.

Lisa Comfort - Boho Black Inspo(Sundress – Asos | Ankle Boots – Boden | Skirt – Monsoon)

That combination of bright colours on a dark background was inspired by items like this. Sometimes a bit of a Mexican vibe, sometimes a bit ‘folk art’ (I’m picturing the kind of folk painting that you see on riverboats in the UK), but always a flavour of boho chic.

Lisa Comfort - Boho Black Inspo(Top – Anthropologie)

Whilst gorgeous, I didn’t want it to be as busy as some of the embroidered pieces above. This much simpler piece from Anthropologie is more of what I wanted and closer to my Busy Blossom design. And as the design isn’t directional, you can make anything out of it that requires lightweight cotton.

Lisa Comfort - Boho Black Inspo

And of course, I couldn’t resist bringing out two cardigans to match – a black and a red. The red compliments the colours in the fabric and makes them pop even more. You can check out all of them on my site here.

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