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Lisa Comfort - Hair Inspiration

I had a lot of fun doing some browsing for new hair ideas. I feel like I am in a bit of a hair rut! I had a good few inches cut off after I had Jasmine and all my hair fell out  :-(. I have a lot less time these days to style it as my everyday make-up and hair routine is usually done whilst I entertain Jasmine.  I start with make-up and she usually is kept happy with holding a blusher brush herself (and very sweetly sweeping it across her face!), but by the time I get to my hair she is usually fed up! I think all I need is to spend a couple of evenings having a go at new hairstyles and then I can find something that works for me in the mornings.

I love these waves that Reese Witherspoon has in the photo above – but I know that will take ages. I reckon though I could have a go at this low bun twist (bottom right) – I think there might be a doughnut type thing in there – right?

Lisa Comfort - Hairstyles

I have also been toying with the idea of just cutting it all off for a super chic bob that I could style vintage and all curly but then what would I do on days when I just want to tie it all up?! Ah what to do! Let’s just dream than about this lovely little style by Scarlett Johanson…

Hair Inspiration


All images found via Pinterest

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