July 2018: Monthly Round-up

Lisa Comfort Lea blouse

I haven’t done one of these blog posts since the end of last year! I guess I got side-tracked with other things. There’s been a lot going on over here 🙂 But I do love doing them, a bit like how I love filming my favourites videos, they are a snapshot in time.  So here we go….

Sewing – not very much. With short staff issues at Sew Over It and closing Clapham I am pretty swamped. Hoping to squeeze in a few makes during lunch breaks.

Cooking –tarts. Made two already in two weeks. Love how easy they are and how you can just chuck whatever you want in them.

Drinking –well more squash than tea due to the heatwave but now it has passed tea is back!

Hoping – that everything will go ok with closing Clapham and I don’t burn out.

Loving – how Jasmine and Poppy are playing together at the moment. Jasmine throws herself onto Poppy, attempting to hug her, and Poppy just lies there and takes it and gives her a lick. So sweet.

Hating – driving between Clapham and Islington – London traffic has got so bad recently.

Buying – hopefully a new bed! We need something bigger.

Watching – Handmaid’s Tale. It is so good but it makes me really grumpy afterwards as I find it so draining and upsetting, I don’t want to talk after watching it.

Sporting – espadrilles – living in them.

Laughing – at Jasmine when she imitates your sneezes – it’s hilarious.

Admiring – our General Manager Rosie, she is working so hard at the moment and has been such a great support during this past few weeks.

Thinking – about woolly jumpers and when I will be able to wear them again – I’m an autumn girl.

Decorating – nothing. Our flat needs a bit of TLC but no time for that at the moment.

Realising – that it is really important to enjoy life when it is going well as it doesn’t last but then when it is going badly, it also doesn’t last.

Planning – endless logistics to close our Clapham shop.

Needing – me time. Still! Put this last time I wrote a post like this. But it is still the thing that is hard to fit in.

Yearning – time to do a bit of home-making. It makes me happy when I can make our home look better.

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