Poppy & Jazz Patterns

New Poppy & Jazz patterns have landed – So, let’s take a little look!

First up is the Pansy dress modelled by little Iris. It is so quick and easy to make. It has been my go-to everyday dress for Jasmine as it is easy to put on and super comfy to wear.

Next up are the Clover Reversible Trousers.

The Clover Reversible Trousers are both practical and cute to wear.  Anything that is reversible when it comes to clothes for babies is a bonus as it keeps those clothes on a bit longer! It also gives you the chance to choose two fabrics to use – go bright and patterned on one side and plain on the other!

And last but definitely not least is little Poppy in her snazzy new coat – you have no idea how hard it was to get this photo!

This little coat is reversible so you can put a cosy fleece layer on one side and a smart corduroy on the other. It fastens with velcro and is super simple to sew and easy to put on your dog.

And if you like the look of some of these fabrics – watch this space for kits next week!

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