My working day

As many of you like my ‘follow me for the day’ vlogs I thought I’d try something different and write it out as a blog post! I wrote this based on a normal day this week. I think it will be a nice thing to look back at!

I wake up around 6:30am. If you’ve seen my current flat tour you’ll know we’re all in the one room at the moment, so the first thing I hear is Jasmine chattering away to herself in her cot. Poppy sleeps at the bottom of the bed so it’s a tie between Poppy getting up and how loud Jasmine has started talking, that tells me when it’s time to get up!

Matt gets Jazz her breakfast, which is great as it means I have time to have a shower and squeeze in 15 minutes to do my hair and makeup. Now I’ve cut my hair it takes me a little less time in the morning. I’m loving dressing for the colder weather and rediscovering patterns like the Emma Dress and making some new favourites in thicker fabric like Heidi. I usually decide on what to wear the night before and lay it all out to make the mornings easier.

My breakfast is usually a bowl of cereal. Crunchy nut cornflakes at the moment, but if I’m not wanting the sugar I’ll have sultana bran. I’ll eat that with a cup of tea whilst I read a book to Jazz. She usually wants some of it too! This girl loves a second breakfast 😉

I then leave the house around 8am. I walk from the current flat through the park with Poppy and I get to work around 8:30am. I find I’m most productive in the morning so I like to get in early to catch up before the rest of the team gets here. I always check my emails first thing and if I’m in the shop I’ll walk around and look at fabrics to see what’s been selling.

By 11am I’ve had another cup of tea or two and I’ll usually have a meeting scheduled. On Wednedays it’s team meeting day at the shop so we have a general one with everyone and then a few of us meet to discuss what fabrics are going up that week and sometimes we have a visit from a fabric agent. I also have a weekly catch up with our bookkeeper on a Wednesday. Other office days I could be trying on toiles with one of our pattern cutters, I could be working on new fabric designs, planning and creating content. It is really varied!

I find I have less concentration in the afternoons so I often work through lunch, which is usually a sandwich. I’m only in 4 days a week at the moment so I like to get as much done as possible when I’m there. I know this is bad and I tell my whole team how important it is to take breaks but this compromise means I get more time with Jasmine and that is worth it!

I leave the office around 4:45pm if I’m picking up Jasmine and if not around 6pm, on the days Matt gets her. Once Jazz has had her tea and gone to bed in the evenings, I catch up on any emails I missed at the end of the day. Come 8pm I’m knackered! Matt does the cooking in our house so he whips up a storm in the kitchen whilst I tidy away Jasmine’s toys and put a wash on. By 8:30pm we try not to look at phones or emails so I’ll catch up quickly with Instagram after dinner.

Matt and I often watch a film or box set. At the moment we’re loving Discovery of Witches and we just finished Killing Eve which we really enjoyed. One night a week I’ll usually meet a friend for dinner and drinks. But by 10:30pm I’m always ready for bed to start the day again tomorrow!

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