DIY Paper Covered Boxes

Lisa Comfort - box file DIY

You will need: Small kraft box £2.50, Paperchase Scissors Pencil & ruler Pritt Stick (small size) Pretty papers at least … Read More

DIY Gem Necklace


Necklaces and earrings are my two favourite pieces of jewellery. At the moment I am loving delicate necklaces. This necklace … Read More

My Favourite Lipsticks

Lisa Comfort - My Favourite Lipsticks

Favourite LipsticksBelieve me, I have tried A LOT of lipsticks over the years. I have dismissed many brands and types … Read More

DIY Marble Tray

Lisa Comfort - DIY Marble Tray

The marble and copper trend has got me! I am addicted and have been adding new pieces to our bedroom … Read More